What can I expect?

My repertoire involves many different close up effects Seen right before your very own eyes. Card Magic, Coin Magic, Sponge Magic, Fire Magic and Many more different objects will be seen. Or maybe even Disappear?

How Do You Get Me To Perform At Your Party?

What you need to do is message me now! Email me through my webpage, Facebook or even Phone me! The quicker I know of the event the better!

Why Should You Choose Me?

I love performing for people. Since a child I would always be playing with magic kits, juggling and performing magic with just about anything I could get my hands on. It gives me great pleasure knowing that people enjoy and are excited by my passion as well!

How Much Do I Charge?

Depending on the Location, the Amount of guests being entertained and Time spent entertaining, My prices usually range from $200- $500 CDN.

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